Foot OL – Aulas is enough, an OL legend votes Textor – Olympique Lyonnais

Jean-Michel Aulas is having all the trouble in the world turning the page on Olympique Lyonnais. However, he should do it for the good of the club, and let John Textor launch his project calmly.

This is clearly not yet the case in France, but John Textor commands respect in Brazil. A country whereOlympique Lyonnais represents something strong, because the colony of Brazilians who were able to shine there in the past also knew the national team like Juninho, Cris, Fred or of course Sonny Anderson. In this first generation which took OL to the heights, is Edmilson, notably with FC Barcelona and who knew how to bring his class and efficiency to the training of Jean-Michel Aulas. Suffice it to say that the man who is now head of several companies in Brazil will not allow himself to criticize his former president. But still. In the columns of Eurosport, Edmilson wanted to explain that John Textor deserved respect, and what he is currently achieving with Botafogo demonstrates that the American does not do anything and deserves to have his chance.

Textor performs miracles in Brazil

« Look, no one would have imagined this, but Textor is doing a really good job with a great Portuguese coach (Bruno Lage). The team is first in the championship ahead of major teams with ten times more resources. In Lyon, perhaps Jean-Michel Aulas should step back and give Textor a chance », Delivered Edmilson, for whom the former boss of OL obviously has difficulty letting go after selling the club. This can be understood, but it can also ruin the atmosphere on the Lyon side.

« I don’t want to criticize gratuitously, because I’m not there on a daily basis within OL, and I don’t want my words to be misinterpreted, as may have been the case before. What I know is that Aulas was a great president for a long time, and it’s not easy for him to leave his son, his baby. Afterwards, a president or a player should never be bigger than his club. And in wars, there is always a loser. Unfortunately, it is the Olympique Lyonnais brand that is suffering today », summarized the former defender, convinced that OL must now turn the page on Aulas. And that Aulas must also turn the page on OL, which seems much more difficult to do than expected. However, the Rhone club no longer really has a choice and must work with its new owner.

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