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OL are going through a major results crisis. The recent arrival of Fabio Grosso has the merit of redistributing certain cards, even if it will certainly take time for the Italian.

Last Sunday evening, theOL could not do better than a sad 0-0 draw against Le Havre in Ligue 1. A new poor performance which plunges Les Gones a little further into uncertainty. Fabio Grosso, who will coach his first match next weekend in Brest, therefore has his work cut out for him to turn OL around. Especially since the state of mind of the players makes some veterans doubt. This is particularly the case of Grégory Coupet. In reaction to a sequence filmed by Prime Video in which we can see Sonny Anderson motivating all the players at the end of the warm-up against Le Havre, the former goalkeeper had posted on X: “ Nice try Sonny but not sure that you are addressing a team of friends inclined to fight for each other for an institution that they respect…”.

Nicolas Puydebois thanks Coupet

This cash outing from Coupet on the current OL caused quite a reaction on the networks. For good or bad for that matter. For his part, Nicolas Puydebois, who worked alongside the former international in Lyon, completely validates his comments, as he was able to indicate on Olympic and Lyonnais : “I’m ultimately happy with this release because I feel like I’m still the old soldier talking about the old days, but we were winning titles with what Greg said. We were all good people, who were there for each other. We became friends before winning titles. We came to bring something to OL, we didn’t come to eat. (…) Today, the players put on a jersey that they value without respecting it”. It is now up to Grosso and his men to prove the opposite, which will not be an easy task in the Rhône.

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