Foot OL – Le Havre scares, OL aims for a close victory – Olympique Lyonnais

Last in Ligue 1 after four days, Olympique Lyonnais needs to reassure itself. Even against the promoted side from Le Havre, Alexandre Lacazette’s teammates will emphasize the need not to concede a goal.

Pour Olympique Lyonnais, the truce was not easy. The internationals have been able to clear their minds in recent days. But the others had to deal with a context that remained as complicated as ever. We are of course talking about the current coaching change and the preparation for the match against Le Havre with three interim coaches (Jean-François Vulliez, Jérémie Bréchet and Sonny Anderson).

This did not prevent the Gones from putting their heads back together, like Alexandre Lacazette who is aiming for a breakthrough against the promoted side on Sunday evening. “ We know that we weren’t good at the start of the season, we all have to question ourselves, I think everyone has done itconfided the captain of the red lantern. A good result would restore confidence. » Without this ingredient, Olympique Lyonnais puts aside its offensive ambitions and will above all try to avoid opposing counterattacks.

The ideal scenario for Lacazette

« We are aware that they will come with a lot of willwarned the Rhone attacker. It’s up to us to play our part and not think too much about them. If we manage to do our job on the ground, things will get better. You have to be strong defensively to reassure yourself and win the match. We expect a strong team at the back who will want to take us on the counterattack. We worked this week and I hope we show it. The match lasts 90 minutes, even if we have to hold 0-0 and score at the end of the match, I think everyone will be happy. » While waiting for the appointment of coach Fabio Grosso, manner is clearly relegated to the background.

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