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Olympique Lyonnais foundered in Brest, the recent change of coach obviously not having revolutionized a team in doubt. However, Fabio Grosso has already made a victim in the person of Rayan Cherki.

Two players understood on Saturday evening in Brittany that the Fabio Grosso era had begun at OL. First it was Skelly Alvero sent back to the stands for arriving less than a minute late for the Italian coach’s pre-match chat, then Rayan Cherki, pushed onto the bench when he had become a frame by Laurent Blanc. Devilishly effective with the French Espoirs, Cherki therefore started on the sidelines before finally replacing Alexandre Lacazette at the end of the match. A clear and clear message sent by the Lyon technician to his player. But once this coup signed Fabio Grosso, remained without effect given the poor game of Olympique Lyonnais in Brest, we must try to understand the reasons for this decision, which looks a bit like a sanction, against Rayan Cherki, whose behavior has always been exemplary. And Hugo Guillemet has an explanation.

Cherki on the sidelines, he has difficulty understanding

The journalist from L’Equipe, generally well informed about Olympique Lyonnais, affirms that Fabio Grosso is worried about the collective involvement of Rayan Cherki. “ Fabio would like Rayan to discipline himself a little more tactically, which was also the case with previous coaches. Let him be less of a “free electron” and more connected to the collective to defend. It was perhaps also a bit to pique him, the coach had seen the match against Le Havre from the stands », Specifies Hugo Guillemet, citing an internal OL source. In the Cherki clan, it is still difficult to understand why the young player would be stigmatized so quickly by the successor of Laurent Blanc. “ We didn’t really understand, because he’s the only player who has brought something offensively since the start of the season. Leave him for two or three matches and remove him if he doesn’t meet expectations, there’s no problem, but take him out of the team straight away… », wonders someone close to Rayan Cherki.

Given the state of Olympique Lyonnais before next weekend’s trip to Reims, there is little doubt that Fabio Grosso will quickly count on the 20-year-old again. OL clearly cannot afford to do without such talent at a time when John Textor’s club is relegated and has displayed a frightening level during the defeat in Brest.

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