Foot OL – OL: Domenech is already sending Lyon to Ligue 2 – Olympique Lyonnais

Beaten in Reims on Sunday afternoon, OL are more than ever stuck in a results crisis. Fabio Grosso’s team is bottom of the French championship with only two points.

The situation of Olympique Lyonnais is catastrophic. Sportingly, John Textor’s club is adrift. After seven days of the championship, OL are in 18th place in the standings with only two points in their pocket. On Sunday afternoon, Fabio Grosso’s players had the ambition to launch their season in Reims, but Will Still’s team confirmed their excellent start in this championship and won 2-0.

Domenech very pessimistic for Lyon

Are OL already playing to maintain? The question may arise when Les Gones have still not won a single match. On the channel L’Equipe, Raymond Domenech expressed a very blunt opinion on this subject. According to the former coach of the French team, it is clear and clear that Lyon will maintain throughout the season and this in part because its squad cannot allow it to aim for a more ambitious objective.

“It’s obvious that OL are going to fight for relegation until the end for multiple reasons. The first is when I see their squad. It’s a more than average squad, very weak when I compare it to other teams. When I see this defense, they have nothing! Tagliafico is world champion but when I see him play… Messi must surely have been exceptional for this player to be world champion” explains Raymond Domenech in the Evening Team before concluding.

“Catastrophic Tagliafico”, Domenech without pity

“It’s catastrophic!” OL have less physical intensity than all the teams fighting to stay. The Lyon players are completely diluted, they each play in their own corner. With this squad, if they have a good season they will finish 10th at best but if they have a bad one they will finish last! » indicates the former coach of the Blues, who does not really see by what miracle Olympique Lyonnais could aim for anything other than maintenance. A terrible observation after only seven days of the championship while among the supporters, we still hope that Fabio Grosso will manage to launch the team.

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