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Everything is falling into place for the arrival of Fabio Grosso at Olympique Lyonnais. But the Italian coach must organize himself, and prefers not to train Lyon this weekend.

Unlike what happened with Gennaro Gattuso, whose signing was blocked due to major doubts shared within the club, everything is going in the right direction with regard to the arrival of Fabio Grosso. The Italian coach is expected to Lyon this Friday, to discuss the final details of his contract and choose his technical staff. Even if John Textor is not the cautious type, he wants to do things in the right order and the presentation to the club as well as to the squad will be carried out, without disturbing too much the preparation for the match against Le Havre.

Signing Monday for Grosso

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Fabio Grosso does not really want to arrive just before the first match and lead the team from the start, when inevitably he will go a little blind. As a result, if he attends this Sunday’s match against Le Havre, it will be in the stands of Groupama Stadium and therefore with a certain detachment necessary to form an opinion on the question. Once the match is over, he will sign his contract on Monday to become coach of Olympique Lyonnais, probably until June 2025. A smooth arrival which will allow the three interim coaches to continue the momentum of the week to hope for a good performance against Le Havre this Sunday, and already relaunching OL before Fabio Grosso takes over for the rest of the season.

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