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After a successful season in Frosinone, Fabio Grosso agreed to take up the challenge proposed by John Textor in Lyon. But this signing hides a big mystery according to Nicolas Puydebois, former OL goalkeeper.

Five days and then that’s it for Laurent Blanc, who left Olympique Lyonnais through the back door and who was replaced by Fabio Grosso. Present in the aisles of Groupama Stadium to watch the draw against Le Havre on Sunday evening (0-0), the 2006 world champion took charge of the group this Monday. Since his arrival on the Rhone bench, a wind of optimism has blown among observers and supporters.

Nicolas Puydebois comments on the arrival of Fabio Grosso

But for Nicolas Puydebois, this arrival still raises a certain number of questions. In the show “Tant qu’il y sera des Gones” on Olympique & Lyonnais, the former OL goalkeeper wonders in particular why Fabio Grosso made the decision to leave Frosinone after a very successful season during which he made move his club from Serie B to Serie A. This choice is very strange in the eyes of Nicolas Puydebois, who wants to be cautious and who refuses to give in to the general enthusiasm around Fabio Grosso.

“You bring your club up to Serie A, why don’t you stay to live the adventure that you have given yourself the right to live? I asked myself this question. This remains a gray area around the arrival of Fabio Grosso in my opinion, I do not have the answer to the question. Usually when you win something, you like to enjoy the reward. Afterwards, his team won last year and played pretty well. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and judge on the evidence. But even if we change coaches, as long as the players remain in their current comfort zone, as long as they do not want to leave their comfort zone, OL will continue to downgrade. There is a real awareness to be had about the fact that a coach is good but he is the ideal fuse. As long as we do not change the mentality of the players who make up our squad, we will remain non-performing and very far from the European Cup” analyzed the consultant, who is waiting to see before judging Fabio Grosso but who refuses to get excited. Because according to him, it is above all the players who hold the key to OL’s potential rebound, more than any coach.

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