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This Saturday evening, OL lost again in Ligue 1 against Stade Brestois. Rayan Cherki, on the bench at kick-off, caused quite a stir.

Rayan Cherki could see his status change over timeOL… In any case, for his first outing with Les Gones, Fabio Grosso decided to leave him on the bench at kick-off. The Italian would have some doubts about the collective abilities of the young Frenchman. However, we cannot say that his choice proved him right. Indeed, OL lost against Stade Brestois and is sinking a little deeper into the crisis. In l’After d’RMC, some had very harsh words towards Rayan Cherki. This is the case of Kevin Diaz, who indicated: “Today we have a coach who is playing his career and who in one week realizes that Cherki is not a high-level player. That’s what we’ve been saying for three years but people don’t want to hear it.”. Enough to logically react…

Cherki victim of injustice at OL?

On his X account, Football Hopes indeed wanted to put things into perspective around the player trained at OL. And he begins to rail against the too easy criticisms about him: “This Cherki bashing, even when he’s on the bench, is starting to get ridiculous. He is 20 years old and we want to make him bear all the ills of OL. I don’t idolize him, and I know how to recognize his faults, but above all we saw that the match did not prove Grosso right, far from it. OL conceded almost 30 shots against Brest, and we were told about Cherki who was not a starter. At one point, it becomes embarrassing to put everything on him… He is unfortunately labeled “Arab + dribbler = Ben Arfa = idiot” since he was in the media…”. During the next day in Ligue 1, OL will travel to Reims. Another trip that promises to be perilous. It remains to be seen whether Fabio Grosso will review his plans regarding Rayan Cherki, who definitely does not leave anyone indifferent.

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