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It’s finally over for Fabio Grosso, who will not be on the bench this Sunday, but who said yes to OL by signing his new contract.

Arrive at Lyon this Friday, Fabio Grosso did not take long to seal the final agreement for his signing at Olympique Lyonnais. Gianluca Di Marzio announced it, and Le Progrès gave the details, explaining that everything had been sealed at the start of the evening, and that the Italian coach’s contract had been signed at 9:00 p.m. Discussions lasted for a good part of the afternoon, particularly on the composition of its staff and its emoluments. But everyone made an effort according to the regional newspaper so that the agreement was reached this Saturday, also to let the whole club concentrate on Sunday’s match against Le Havre.

Fabio Grosso eager to start

It is now done and Fabio Grosso slipped a few words into his signature, explaining that he was “ delighted and eager to start the adventure “. A wait which was indeed long for the Italian coach, who left Frosinone to everyone’s surprise last spring, when he had brought the small club up to Serie A at the end of a successful season. But the former defender hoped to find a more ambitious project, before breaking his teeth on the coaching market during the summer. Finally, OL’s poor start to the season freed up a place where they were not favorites. It was after having suffered several refusals and after delaying while Gennaro Gattuso was due to sign, that Lyon chose the 2006 world champion.

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