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New coach, new players, new goals. OL are off to a distant start this season with 1 point in 4 games and a reshaped squad. Europe, targeted this summer by John Textor, seems difficult to reach as it stands. OL must first become a high-level club again.

If in a few days the music of the Champions League will resonate at the Parc des Princes and Bollaert, we are still far from it in the short term at Groupama Stadium. Lyon have 30 games left but Europe has never seemed so difficult to reach. L’OL must first come out of the bottom of Ligue 1, being last with 1 small point before hosting Le Havre this Sunday. John Textor’s great promises were swept away by a catastrophic summer, both on and off the field. The American wanted to relaunch the Rhone club this season, he will above all have to rebuild it in depth.

Firing Aulas delays OL’s return to the forefront

This is the observation made by Frédéric Piquionne. The former OL striker analyzed the situation of his former club in the newspaper Ouest-France. He did not spare the susceptibilities of supporters regarding the sporting recovery of the Lyon club. For him, this season will quickly be forgotten for OL. Everything has to be rebuilt at OL with John Textor and this is undoubtedly the result of the departure of Jean-Michel Aulas. For a question of stability, Piquionne would have left the emblematic Lyon president in office.

« We don’t know what the future of the club will be, but we must already find solid foundations. We have spoken so far of a year of transition, but I will go further and I will speak of a year of reconstruction. […] I think it was a mistake to dismiss Jean-Michel Aulas so quickly, but we have our European vision, not American. Having played in the United States, they cut it to the chase, they are like that. They immediately want to do with their ideas », he analyzed, visibly not convinced by John Textor’s project. It remains to be seen how OL will evolve with technical supervision and management finally all chosen by the American.

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