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OL has been going through a major sporting and institutional crisis for some time now. A situation which distresses the veterans of the Rhone club, like Samuel Umtiti.

This summer, Samuel Umtiti decided to take on a new challenge by signing for Lille. The former Barça defender wants to continue to have fun and play at the highest level despite recurring injuries in recent years. In addition to LOSC,OL was also interested in the possibility of recruiting him. Ultimately, Les Gones did not complete the deal. And given the situation in Lyon since the start of the season, Umtiti must undoubtedly be reassured not to have signed there. Les Gones are in the red zone after 6 contested days and do not yet seem to be able to find the right ingredients to bounce back. For Samuel Umtiti, all this is worrying.

Umtiti plaint l’OL mais…

During an interview given to The teamthe French world champion defender did not in fact speak tongue-in-cheek about the dynamics at OL. “A team like Lyon, for me, must play at the top of the table. I was trained there, when I started playing, that was it, there was this mentality of winning every match. Afterwards, there are things that I don’t control, I don’t know how things work inside the club. But it’s true that it saddens me a little to see this team at the bottom of the rankings. I wish them to find stability, at the club and at the team. But I hope we finish in front of them, that’s the most important thing”, notably indicated Samuel Umtiti, who is sad for OL while also focusing on the performance of his team, a candidate for Europe at the end of the season. A possibility that seems far away for its training club…

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