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With two draws and already 4 defeats after six contested days, Olympique Lyonnais are penultimate in Ligue 1. However, John Textor continues to aim for a European place at the end of the season. Which makes this Rhone consultant laugh.

Laurent Blanc will not have resisted the Lyon storm for long. It is now Fabio Grosso, a veteran of the house, who will have the difficult task of turning the club around. Despite the catastrophic start of the 2023/2024 financial yearOL, John Textor remains convinced that Les Gones will manage to pull themselves together and be European next May. You will have to finish in the first 5 places or achieve an exploit in the Coupe de France. During the show Tant qu’il y sera des Gones, Nicolas Puydebois spoke about the prediction of the president of Lyon. The former OL goalkeeper believes that the American businessman is far too pretentious and that the situation is much more serious than he thinks.

John Textor’s unrealizable goal set for OL

“The club is heading towards great disillusionment. John Textor says you have to be European at the end of the season, let’s take it step by step. First, get out of the doldrums, regain confidence and matches, then readjust the goal if we see that we are better. But today, the most important thing in my opinion is to keep up. We saw too many clubs say that it didn’t just happen to others going down. We see the downgrading as we go along” declared the consultant who is clearly not optimistic for the rest of the Lyonnais season. The next match will be against Reims and OL will absolutely have to achieve their first victory. Because now, Ligue 1 only has 18 clubs and therefore only 34 days. The points are therefore very important to take, whether for the objective of being European, or of maintaining it.

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