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Like OL, Alexandre Lacazette is having a complicated start to the season. The Lyon striker has only scored one goal in the league and seems lost on the pitch, like in Brest on Saturday evening. However, it would be too easy to fall on him so quickly.

Men change, on the field as well as on the bench, but the results ofOL No. The Lyonnais suffered their fourth defeat of the season in Brest on Saturday. A 1-0 defeat, again accompanied by a poor performance on the offensive level. Les Gones were unable to endanger Bizot, the Breton goalkeeper. With three goals scored, OL have the worst attack in Ligue 1. Symbol of these difficulties, Alexandre Lacazette has only scored one goal this season, far from the 27 last season. A year ago, at the same stage of the season, Lacazette had already scored four times in Ligue 1.

Lacazette can’t do everything alone at OL!

Above all, the General as he is nicknamed no longer has any influence on the collective game. In Brest, he still seemed out of the game and was never able to weigh on the Breton defense. Too imprecise, too soft, Lacazette is a major concern at OL. Would it have become a problem? No, insists Lyon influencer Seriouscharly. On Youtube, this famous OL supporter analyzed Lyon’s defeat at Brest and he cleared Lacazette. The Lyon striker is down compared to last season but that is normal: his 2022-2023 season was simply exceptional in this OL 7th in Ligue 1 last June.

« I got trashed on social media because I dared to say that Lacazette’s 27 goals last season wasn’t a normal stat. I was told: “Yes, Lacazette, it’s normal for him to score 27 goals in a season, it’s at his level.” Yes, a normal season for Lacazette in a team that is TURNING is 27 goals. 27 goals in this dying OL where he is all alone, it’s a MIRACLE. It would already have been a miracle if he scored 15 goals in OL last year. Lacazette will never score 27 goals in this OL. You have to realize what a miracle it was to see Lacazette score 27 goals in an OL who don’t know how to play football. We need to erect a statue to him. That’s equivalent to 35 goals in OL in 2017. Don’t ask too much of him either. We should have worried earlier, finishing 8th with Lacazette at 27 goals…Wow, big problem anyway. If Lacazette loses momentum, there is no one left behind “, he said, preferring to insist on the sale of Lacazette’s lieutenant Bradley Barcola. Lacazette or not, OL must quickly find an effective scorer or risk remaining deep in the rankings for a long time.

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