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Gennaro Gattuso is more than ever favorite to become OL coach. It must be said that he is interested in the position, unlike other technicians approached by the Rhone club. Latest example, the Argentinian Marcelo Gallardo.

Like number 6 this summer, theOL will have to settle for a fourth or even a fifth choice for the coaching position. After the dismissal of Laurent Blanc, Gennaro Gattuso appears as the probable future coach of Les Gones. A choice that does not necessarily make supporters dream, particularly given the Italian’s recent difficulties in obtaining long-term results. However, could OL aim better? Indeed, John Textor surveyed several other coaches without any concrete results in the end. The most notable and most publicized case concerns the Austrian Oliver Glasner, a successful coach in the Bundesliga but followed by the German team at the same time.

Gallardo also avoids the Lyon quagmire

The Argentine media TyC Sports added another layer by announcing that OL also missed their mark with Marcelo Gallardo. The former River Plate coach is free and has a good rating in Europe. Announced close to OM and PSG this summer, Gallardo finally showed himself to be demanding on a sporting level, particularly with the Phocaeans. Enough to suggest that the shaky Lyon project would have a hard time attracting him, which was quickly confirmed in reality.

« The management of Olympique Lyonnais contacted those close to Gallardo to find out his intentions. The latter thanked them for the proposal but refused the offer on the grounds that the Argentinian is not interested in the sporting project », revealed Tyc Sports while specifying that Villarreal had suffered the same fate in recent days. A frustrating outcome but ultimately understandable for Lyon supporters, who know better than anyone the current mistakes of OL.

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