Foot OL – OL: Textor avoids this monumental blunder by Aulas – Olympique Lyonnais

Fabio Grosso has been at work for three days at OL, where he arrived with his own staff to succeed Laurent Blanc.

In the past, coaches like Rudi Garcia, Peter Bosz or even Laurent Blanc did not have the chance to arrive at Olympique Lyonnais with their entire staff. In general, Jean-Michel Aulas accepted one or two assistants but the rest of the staff was made up by the club with people already present internally. John Textor did things differently with Fabio Grosso, who signed for Lyon along with four of his historic assistants. A big step according to Ludovic Obraniak, who underlined this crucial point on the Channel L’Equipe. And for good reason, the former LOSC and Poland attacking midfielder believes that Fabio Grosso is put in the best conditions to succeed in Lyon, which was not necessarily the case for his predecessors. The 2006 world champion will therefore have no excuse if he misses on the banks of the Rhône.

“There is a very strong sign which has not happened in Lyon for a very long time, and that is that we are letting Fabio Grosso work with his entire staff. What always went wrong at OL was that we always tried to put an eye from Moscow into the staff. We always took two or three assistants from the old staff with the new coach, etc. This can never work. There, you have a boy who arrives with four members of his staff. He can work intelligently and with confidence so he will have no excuses. Some coaches had a bigger CV than Grosso such as Gattuso but the problem at OL was elsewhere” analyzed Ludovic Obraniak, delighted to see that John Textor did not reproduce the same mistake when hiring Fabio Grosso as that made by Jean-Michel Aulas with many coaches in the past.

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