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There is still something new in the file of the future coach of Olympique Lyonnais. John Textor has a new favorite, a technician whose name has not been filtered at the moment. Which makes everyone nervous.

Announced as the future coach of Lyon brought to sign his new contract last Tuesday, Gennaro Gattuso suddenly disappeared from John Textor’s radar. The owner lets the track slide, even though everything seemed to be complete and the Italian had even chosen his future staff. Eager to go as quickly as possible with this operation, the American has changed everything by now taking his time, even if it means keeping the trio of provisional coaches currently in place for the next few days. The indecision of Oliver Glasner, who still would not have really said no to OL, does not help to see things clearly, while Frank Lampard has indeed been contacted. That was the situation on Wednesday morning, but with John Textor, everything changes at any moment.

The name Van Nistelrooy comes up often

So, this afternoon, L’Equipe announces that a new coach, foreign, has appeared without the name filtering at the moment. But this technician would now be the big favorite for the position. Even if it is necessary to remain cautious as John Textor seems to want to pull in all directions, this situation with twists and turns is putting OL supporters and followers on edge. In response to these announcements on social networks, fans preferred to take this as a joke by proposing numerous names as to the identity of the now favorite coach. Some are serious, others are dreams, and some suggestions still mark the despair of the situation. “ Guardiola will finally say yes”, “the return of Vahid Halilhodzic to Ligue 1”, “it’s Zidane apparently” preferred to launch certain Internet users, while several names came up more seriously with insistence such as Leonardo Jardim, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Karel Geraets or Fabio Grosso. Proof in any case that, by dint of pulling in all directions, Textor has created quite a mic-mac which it will be time to unravel with the appointment of a new coach.

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