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A few hours ago, OL announced the appointment of Fabio Grosso as new coach. An arrival that raises a lot of questions.

After days of reflection, theOL finally made the choice to entrust his first team to Fabio Grosso. A former player of the club, the Italian will have the difficult task of bouncing back a club in total loss of confidence. Grosso was also in the fight with Gennaro Gattuso to become the new coach of Les Gones. But all things considered, it was Grosso who was chosen. However, the signing of the former Milanese was announced as almost done. According to certain observers, including Denis Balbir, John Textor did not want to please a certain Jorge Mendes, who represents Gattuso.

Textor said no, it should be noted

During a column for But Football Clubthe journalist has indeed given his opinion on the subject. “What we will also remember from the crazy week in Lyon is the real-false arrival of Gennaro Gattuso. It’s one more episode which unfortunately shows that behind the scenes things are not going so well… I’m not criticizing the choice of Grosso who for me was the better of the two but it shows that the club is poorly managed! In Lyon, there was a real wind of distrust towards Gattuso. More than a movement against the player, I think it was above all a maneuver against Jorge Mendes, not to completely open the door for him. In any case, there is far too much hesitation in Lyon for us to think that everyone is speaking with one and the same voice. notably indicated Denis Balbir, still impatient to see how Fabio Grosso will try to change the dynamic at OL. For his first match with the Rhone residents, the Italian world champion will travel to Brest, runner-up to Monaco in Ligue 1.

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