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John Textor is unable to find the future coach of OL, and has turned to Jorge Mendes to take care of that. As a result, Gennaro Gattuso left to sign, even though the American owner did not particularly want him.

The search for a new coach is complicated forOlympique Lyonnais, who now has no choice since Laurent Blanc was dismissed from his position this Monday. A decision which dates from last Friday, John Textor having announced to the “President” that his adventure at OL was now over. This allowed rapid negotiations to vacate the position in exchange for a check for two million euros. All that remains is to find a new technician to sit on the bench at Groupama Stadium, which is not so easy. The American owner has suffered numerous refusals, and rather than taking the time necessary to complete this operation even if the championship resumes in a few days, Textor absolutely wants to appoint a trainer in the coming hours. It is in this sense that Jorge Mendes is pushing to formalize Gennaro Gattuso, who was very far from being the first choice of the OL “boss”.

The refusals keep coming, Textor panics


Under pressure from the Portuguese agent he has been listening to more and more in recent weeks, John Textor is on the verge of breaking down, announces L’Equipe, which confirms the information published in the press in recent days, with a possible appointment of the Italian this Tuesday. But the problem is that this choice is a choice by default announces the sports daily, and we wonder in Lyon if it is not Jorge Mendes who is taking power within the club, with a card white to strengthen the Rhone team with players from its team during the January transfer window. It is therefore really the urgency which currently dictates the way of thinking of John Textor, who believes that it would be a failure to resume the championship without having found a new technician. The US owner would like to have another name, but Habib Beye will not be released by Red Star, and the lack of choice will encourage him to turn to Gattuso, while the former AC Milan was only a 6th or 7th pick in John Textor’s mind.

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