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After a disastrous start to the OL season, Laurent Blanc was fired from his position as coach. The President leaves the Rhône with an acknowledgment of failure but certain defense executives had kind words towards him.

Dropped by John Textor and certain supporters, Laurent Blanc has not completely lost his locker room. In view of the poor results of theOL and especially the failing state of mind of the Gones at the start of the season, we could have doubted it. An impression somewhat confirmed by the silence of the Lyon players after his ouster Monday afternoon. Finally, a few hours later, the first reactions were visible on social networks. Two experienced defense executives, Dejan Lovren and Clinton Mata, spoke out on social media. They wanted to express their admiration for their now ex-OL coach.

White, reason for the arrival of Mata and Lovren at OL

Beyond respect, what shines through their messages is the trust they placed in Blanc to come to Lyon. “ With this message, I would like to thank Laurent Blanc who did everything to attract me to OL. Thanks to him for his advice and the times spent together. I wish him the best for the future “, wrote Clinton Mata on X.

« Thank you Laurent Blanc. It was an honor for me. You are one of the reasons for my return to Lyon. thank you for everything », reacted in French in the text Dejan Lovren on X. Beautiful messages full of class which confirm the aura of Blanc and his importance in the transfers of certain important players. This also illustrates the support that the ex-Lyon coach retained in the Rhone locker room. His successor already has a certain pressure before his arrival, that of obtaining as much respect as quickly as Laurent Blanc.

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