Rugby World Cup: His record falls, he comes out of silence

Announced among the big favorites for this Rugby World Cup, Ireland has not disappointed since the start of the tournament. The Clover XV is also led by a fit Jonathan Sexton. The latter has just broken a record. Indeed, following the meeting between Ireland and Tonga, Sexton became the best scorer in the history of the Irish selection. The record held by Ronan O’Gara thus fell and the latter also spoke on this subject.

A 38 ans, Jonathan Sexton wrote the history of Irish rugby. Indeed, on the occasion of this Rugby World Cup 2023the opening half of theIreland broke a record, that of Ronan O’Gara. Now, with 1090 points on the clock, Sexton is the best scorer in the history of XV of Clover. While this title has long belonged to Ronan O’Gara, It is no longer the case. Nothing, however, to sadden the now ex-best scorer in theIreland.

“I was shocked it lasted this long”

Reported by Rugby Rama, Ronan O’Gara therefore reacted to the loss of his record to the benefit of Jonathan Sexton. The legend of the teamIreland rugby player then confided: “ I didn’t feel much. This record lasted for ten years and I was shocked that it lasted that long. The only way for me to keep this record would have been for Jonathan to retire. But when he decided to extend until the World Cup, it was obvious that he was going to break the record ».

“I’m not disappointed at all”

« It’s something that happens often, it’s sport! I’m not disappointed at all, I stopped playing ten years ago and am super lucky and privileged to have experienced what I experienced. I am very happy for Johnny, he works a lot and he is very serious. For me, having the opportunity to coach La Rochelle and win two titles with La Rochelle is phenomenal. When I was a player I was very competitive, but that’s been a long time now! », then explained Ronan O’Gara.

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