Frank McCourt explains why he keeps OM!

Marseille supporters are asking more and more questions about the reason that pushes Frank McCourt to keep the club when he is very often absent. The owner explains it to NBC.

Marseille Olympic has been under the American flag for a few years now. The owner, Frank McCourt is often the target of Marseille supporters because of his absence. The businessman gave an interview to the NBC and explains the reasons which push him to keep the club football.

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Sports continue to be one of the things that help us build community and connect with other people — McCourt

“I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I can tell you that I’m a huge sports fan and a big sportsman, and that’s been a big part of my life and now, as a father of seven children, it’s a big part of my children’s lives. I love what sports meant to me and what it did for me growing up, both participating in it and then going and supporting, you know, my hometown teams. The unsuccessful pursuit of the Red Sox led to ownership of the Dodgers, which has now led to ownership of Marseille in European football, which, if you want to see something truly crazy, go to football European. After selling the Dodgers, I fulfilled this childhood dream. I kind of said to myself, if I ever buy another team, it will be in European football. Not only is it the biggest sport in the world, it’s also the sport that touches everyone, everywhere. Baseball is a fantastic sport, one that I grew up with, but it’s really America’s national pastime and it touches parts of South America and parts of Asia. But it is not a global sport in itself. European football brings together the best athletes in the sport and so I was very attracted to it from a sporting point of view. Owning a sports team gives you access and connects you to many other people and places because you realize that sports continues to be one of the things that help us build community and connect with other people. You can get in a car in any city and ask the driver what his favorite football club is and you’ll be in a conversation and have something in common.”

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