Gasset counts on the Vélodrome and believes in it!

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OM lost 2-1 against Benfica, but Aubameyang’s goal means Marseille can still hope to qualify with just one goal behind before returning to the Vélodrome. Jean Louis Gasset spoke at a press conference after this match.

Jean Louis Gasset said he was moderately satisfied after this 2-1 defeat of theABOUT facing Benfica. “What I remember is being alive. We know who we are going to play, where we are going to play and that we can be carried. We have already scored three goals against Shakhtar, we know we can do it. A quarter-final is played over four halves. We didn’t want to go on a collision course but we took the 2-0 on a counter attack and then there were some moments in the game, Chancel giving it his all… We love playing in our stadium, in front of a lively crowd. The players love it. We will heal our wounds but we have hope. We believe in ! (…) We suffered both sides. We had to invent. Chancel could play for about an hour, even less on the side. And the fact that Merlin was injured, we had to move Henrique to the other side and then we brought in a little youngster who did very well! »

We will heal our wounds but we have hope. We believe in !

To see our live debrief of this Benfica – OM

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