Gérald Darmanin assures that “France will not welcome migrants who come from Lampedusa”

The Minister of the Interior clarified to the TF1 news this Tuesday evening that France was “ready to help” the Italian authorities to deport the majority of people who had arrived on the island of Lampedusa in recent days.

The Minister of the Interior was firm and unambiguous: “France will not welcome migrants who come from Lampedusa,” he assured the TF1 television news this Tuesday evening. Returning from a visit to Italy, Gérald Darmanin was able to observe the critical situation on the Island of Lampedusa where approximately 8,500 migrants from Africa disembarked aboard nearly 200 boats.

Gérald Darmanin makes a difference between migrants and political refugees for whom “it is the duty of France and European countries to welcome them”, he said. Also assuring that the government must “be firm in the face of irregular immigration”.

Ready to help the Italians

The minister justified: “It is not by welcoming more people that we are going to dry up a flow which affects our integration capacities… On the other hand, we told our Italian friends that we were ready to help them to return these people to countries with which we have good diplomatic relations.”

The minister recognized that 60% of migrants arriving on Lampedusa are French-speaking “but who have not requested asylum in Europe”.

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