Handball World Cup: The Macron government puts pressure on Les Bleues

Magnificent French handball team! Twenty years after the first coronation and seven years after the second, the Blue became world champions after beating their best enemies: Norway (31-28). A coronation which made the Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castera, very happy, who has not forgotten the next deadline: the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

In the hostile Danish sports hall Jyske Bank Boxen because it was full of Norwegian supporters, the French women’s handball team managed to overcome his black cat (31-28). A victory which allows France to win its third world title. Obviously, this victory portends great things, especially seven months before the Olympic Games.

“It gives them confidence to prepare for the Olympic Games”

At the microphone of BeIn Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castera, the Minister of Sports, was very happy with the coronation of the French women’s handball team : « How happy they made us! What joy. It’s a total joy for this iconic coach. Honestly, it’s a lot of emotions, it was an incredibly intense finale. We had a little scare at the end when the Norwegians came back but they still kept this small gap in advance. It gives them confidence to prepare for the Olympic Games. »

“They already have a gold medal at the 2021 Olympics and I hope for a second soon”

« They’re going to take a little break, recharge their batteries. They will continue on this momentum. They were full of energy and confidence. It’s really fantastic. There is still an exceptional success in French handball. Three titles, three stars. A gold medal at the 2021 Olympics and I hope soon a second for the girls so that they can catch up with the boyswarns the Minister of Sports. They are catching up. It’s a source of immense pride. »

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