“Haven’t you gained a kilo?” : when Nicolas Sarkozy criticizes François Hollande’s physique

This Tuesday, September 19, Nicolas Sarkozy had lunch with sixteen LR (Les Républicains) deputies, at the initiative of former minister Nicolas Forissier. During this meal, the former President of the Republic from 2007 to 2012 spoke about his relationship with his successor at the Élysée, François Hollande, and in particular an anecdote about the socialist’s physique.

The discussions with the sixteen deputies first focused on the current policies of President Macron and those of the Republicans, before Nicolas Sarkozy attacked, without context, the man who beat him in the second round of the 2012 presidential election: François Hollande.

“I despise him”

According to information from Parisian, which echoed the conversations around the dining table, the former right-wing head of state confided his disenchantment with his left-wing successor. “It’s not that I hate him, but I despise him,” he said to parliamentarians.

Nicolas Sarkozy then strongly criticized François Hollande’s physique. At each of their meetings, Nicolas Sarkozy asks the former first secretary of the Socialist Party: “Haven’t you gained a kilo?” One day, François Hollande would have answered him “Why do you say that?”. “Because it’s true!”, the former president of the Republicans would have retorted.

Tensions that do not date from yesterday

The two former Presidents go back several years. In 2012, during the transfer of power at the Élysée, Nicolas Sarkozy did not appreciate that his successor did not accompany him from the palace as tradition dictates. “Republican courtesy is one of the values ​​that are important. I accompanied a President of the Republic to the courtyard of the Élysée, Jacques Chirac. Being courteous is a mark of civilization,” he denounced on Europe 1 in 2016.

On the other hand, François Hollande regularly criticizes the remarks and the person who is Nicolas Sarkozy, recalls BFMTV.

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