He announces himself to Real Madrid and demands Kylian Mbappé!

Hungry for sport, he grew up to the sound of Formula 1 engines and the exploits of Ronaldinho. Today, with a Master’s degree in sports journalism, he no longer misses an F1 Grand Prix or a PSG match, his two passions and specialties.

A big supporter of Real Madrid, Rafael Nadal is even an honorary member of the Merengue club. So much so that some rumors have even mentioned him taking over from Florentino Pérez as president of Casa Blanca. A subject that he raised, at the same time positioning himself in favor of a transfer of Kylian Mbappé.

At the age of 37, Rafael Nadal is probably living his last months as a tennis player. But the man with 14 victories Roland-Garros already has ideas for its future. Thus, his name was, for example, mentioned to take over from Florentino Perez as president of the Real Madrid. A subject that he raised during an interview with Movistar+.

Nadal opens the door to Pérez’s succession…

« I think I would like to, but first of all, there are a lot of things. It goes without saying that we have the best president possible. Afterwards, what I can think today, I don’t know if it’s what I will think tomorrow. And life is full of twists and turns and you have to know if you are capable of doing certain things. I am very realistic with myself, I am aware of my limits and I know if I would be capable of it. Time will tell us. Florentino never asked me. I also don’t think I meet the requirements to be president. I am an honorary member, but nothing more », assure Rafael Nadal.

…and hope to see Mbappé at Real Madrid!

In the situation of his interview, Rafael Nadal also mentioned the Mbappé soap opera, clearly opening the door to the attacker of PSG : « I would be happy if he came, of course I like Mbappé. What obligation did Mbappé have to come? Madrid is bigger than any player. If he comes, there will be no hard feelings. He will have given up a lot of money “. Nadal recruiting Mbappé, it may not look like science fiction in a few years.

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