He misses big names for PSG and is jubilant after his transfer

Revealed last season at OL, Bradley Barcola was very popular this summer on the transfer market. The 21-year-old winger ended up leaving his training club and at the end of a long series, it was PSG who won. A choice that Barcola clearly regrets today, happier than ever in Paris.

This summer, the PSG completely remodeled its workforce following the arrival of Luis Enrique. In the offensive sector, a lot has changed. Lionel Messi et Neymar left while at the same time, Randal – The Best Of Randal, Gonçalo Ramos et Bradley Barcola were recruited by the capital club. At 21, the French winger arrived fromOL. After only a few good months with his training club, Barcola caught the eye of PSG and made the choice to stand on his own two feet.

Beautiful people on Barcola this summer

For a check for €50M, bonus included, the PSG therefore reached an agreement with theOL for the transfer of Bradley Barcola. It was not easy, but an agreement was eventually reached between the two clubs who therefore concluded this operation. To the delight of Parisians who ardently wished the player Thierry Henry at the Hopes. In the process, the capital club beat terrible competition. Recently, it was revealed that Chelsea et Nottingham Forrest were very interested in tricolor crack. This Tuesday, The team announces that Barcelone, Manchester City and the RB Leipzig would also have requested Barcolawho ultimately opted for PSG.

“The place he wanted to be”

Despite all these requests, Bradley Barcola is therefore today a player of the PSG and he clearly doesn’t regret it. Indeed, in comments given to the sports daily, a draft Barcola states: “ He is extremely happy in Paris. In the place he wanted to be. He feels a lot of confidence ».

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