He sets the tone for the clash against OM

While OM is going through a serious crisis, the Marseille club will still have to concentrate so as not to miss its entry into the Europa League. The Olympian squad travels to Ajax this Thursday. And within the Dutch club, we are already looking forward to welcoming the Ligue 1 resident.

Yes theABOUT is going through a period of crisis in recent hours, the Marseille club must nevertheless prepare for its entry into the Europa League. The Olympian team faces theAjax this Thursday in Amsterdam. The Ligue 1 resident is expected to be around the corner, particularly among Marseille supporters.

It’s the crisis at OM

Ultras are not satisfied with the services of theABOUT, despite a third place in the championship. It would also be partly for this reason that a clash broke out between the management and the Marseille supporters. At theAjaxwe can’t wait to welcome theABOUT to finally launch the European campaign.

“I can not wait”

« This is the first European group match. I think everyone knows how important it is. We need to start off on the right foot. As a player at both club, these are really the matches you want to experience and give your all for. (…) I’m so excited, it’s indescribable. If you’re a big Ajax fan, then these are dreams come true » explained the goalkeeper Jay Gorter pour Ajax TV.

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