Her mailbox moved 100 m from her home without being notified, the 98-year-old retiree can no longer read her mail

It took Mireille a while to understand why she was no longer receiving mail. La Poste made this choice without consulting it.

There are small changes that can have certain consequences. This is the case for Mireille, an 80% disabled retiree who lives in her house in Journiac in Dordogne.

For some time she had not received any mail. And for good reason, without her being informed, La Poste moved the mailbox about a hundred meters from her home.

Letters were piling up in the new box without her knowing it. Since realizing the situation, she asks her housekeeper to bring it to her once a week.

A trip for the safety of the postwoman, not for that of Mireille

La Poste decided to change the location of its box initially placed just at the entrance to his house along the main road to position it about a hundred meters from the building.

La Poste explains that the decision was taken for the safety of the postwoman. “The place where the mailbox is positioned is very dangerous. It is a blind zone in the middle of a bend, where people pass at 90 km/h,” testified the mayor of the town, Jean-Louis Teulet. BFM.

The only problem is that the retiree now has to walk a hundred meters on a stony path to reach her new box. La Poste is studying a suitable solution for Mireille and promises to meet her soon.

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