How did four teenagers aged 14 to 15 manage to trap a sixty-year-old already convicted of pedophilia?

This Monday, September 25, 2023, four adolescents aged 14 to 15 were placed in police custody for having assaulted a 67-year-old man in April 2023. Knowing the latter’s criminal record, the young people had given him a fake meeting in order to ambush him.

The facts date back to April 16 in Yerres in Essone. A few days before, a 67-year-old man had arranged to meet a “young adult” via a dating application, according to his statements to the police. But when he arrived at the meeting place, a public parking lot, a “much younger” boy appeared in front of him.

The young people had ambushed him

The meeting takes a completely different turn. Three other young people, two boys and a girl, surround the sixty-year-old and order him to kneel. Two are hooded, one carries a handgun. The four teenagers then take out their phones to film the scene and begin to attack him, all accompanied by homophobic insults.

The seriously injured man fled in his car before emergency services and the police arrived. But thanks to surveillance cameras which filmed the scene, the police managed to identify the license plate of the sixty-year-old who will be summoned by investigators from the Essonne departmental security.

Already convicted of acts of a pedophile nature

Not wishing to collaborate at first, the man will tell them the whole story explaining that he was thinking of meeting an adult young man. He will also mention the fact that the adolescents were aware of his previous conviction for acts of a pedophile nature. After being molested, the man was given a two-day total incapacity for work, reports Actu.

It was only five months later that the police found the four teenagers aged 14 to 15. Arrested this Monday, September 25, they were placed in police custody at the departmental security. One of them was released while the three others were presented to the Evry judicial court. They will appear before a juvenile judge on November 14.

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