“I am not being manipulated”, Urios unleashes himself against the UBB

In November 2022, Christophe Urios was fired from UBB, three years after joining it. Quite a bolt from the blue for the former manager of Castres, who quickly bounced back by taking the reins of ASM Clermont. More than a year after his ouster, he returned to this significant episode, with words of his own.

The manager of Clermont, Christophe Urios is known for not keeping his tongue in his pocket. The native Montpellier, behind his appearance as a cold man is in fact a great sentimentalist. His departure from l’UBB, after being fired was very badly experienced by Christophe Urios, who had given himself body and soul for the Girondin club. When we talk about it again, the emotion is obviously still present.

“I wanted to continue at UBB”

During an interview given to Sports Daily, Christophe Urios reversed his dismissal from the Bordeaux-Bègles Union, in November 2022: « I didn’t experience it as a failure. It ended badly, but we still made several semi-finals. It ended badly and we didn’t win any titles, but we allowed the club to return to the final stages. I wanted to continue then things leaked into the press, I didn’t like it. After this episode, the UBB was no longer the same. »

“I adapt, but we cannot manipulate”

« As I am cash and I like things to be clear, I told my president: “ Tell me if you want us to continue or not.” He told me to give him the evening to think, the next day he told me it was over. It was fast, brutal. I adapt, but we don’t manipulate, poursuit Christophe Urios. I admit it was hard, I had the support of my family and I focused on my winery. »

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