“Impossible”, a PSG star responds cash to OM!

Recently, Marquinhos broke Jean-Marc Pilorget’s record, and he became the most capped player in PSG history. On this occasion, the Brazilian answered many questions. The Parisian captain was notably asked if it was possible for his children to support OM. According to the defender, that will never happen.

Au PSG since 2013, Marquinhos is therefore part of the executives of the Parisian locker room. The central defender recently entered the history of the capital club even further, becoming the most capped player in the red and blue jersey.

Marquinhos overtook Jean-Marc Pilorget

Since the beginning of his adventure Paris, Marquinhos played 437 matches with the PSG. The Brazilian overtook Jean-Marc Pilorgetwho played with the capital club from 1975 to 1989. Under contract until 2028 with the champion of Francethe Parisian captain will therefore have the opportunity to greatly improve his record.

Impossible for Marquinhos for one of his children to support OM

To celebrate his record, Marquinhos gave an interview to Parisian. The Brazilian was asked questions by people who had been important during his adventure in PSG. The Parisian captain notably responded to a question from the comedian Julien Cazarre who asked him what would be the worst between never winning the Champions League with Parisor that one of his children tells him that he is a fan ofABOUT. The defender hesitated, but the fact that one of his children supported theABOUT seems simply impossible to him. “Oh my… (he smiles) Julien is someone who left his mark on my history in Paris because I like to laugh and I like people who make people smile. But being an OM supporter at home is impossible! Never winning the Champions League with Paris, that would be very difficult but it’s impossible to be for OM at home, it’s forbidden (He laughs)! The children are already educated, Paris, Paris, Paris… They are already singing PSG songs. »

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