In front of his wife, Westbrook’s WTF confession about their intimate relationships: “I prefer it when…

NBA Nina et Russell Westbrook

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It often happens that players share a lot about their private lives with their fans… but sometimes we wonder if we might learn a little too much. In this case, Russell Westbrook did not fail to provoke a reaction by opening up about his habits in bed with his wife…

2023-24 will be the first full season of Russell Westbrook to the Clippers. Arriving after the trade deadline, Brodie had time to acclimatize to his new team over the last months of competition and should therefore contribute even more than last year (almost 16 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists on average) . With the Lakers’ inglorious chapter closed for good, he will be able to turn the page.

If life has not been easy for the 2017 MVP since his arrival in the City of Angels, he has always been able to count on the support of his loved ones and in particular his wife Nina. While he was on her podcast recently, the leader took the opportunity to share some… unique information about them, more precisely concerning their sexual antics!

Westbrook reveals his… sexual preferences in front of his wife

Russell Westbrook : I’m going to say that I prefer post-game sex. Doing it before matches doesn’t benefit me. After the match, it can be to celebrate a victory or to cheer myself up after a defeat. When I go to bed afterwards, I feel better.

Nina Westbrook : I’m surprised I didn’t know that before…

It’s always interesting to know a little more about our stars, but not sure we really needed this (very) private information. However, Internet users really liked it:

Brodie after the match ?

Russ’ wife must have been pretty busy cheering him up last season

We knew that Russell Westbrook was a triple-double machine and one of the greatest athletic freaks in history, we now also know how he likes to be intimate with his wife. You are free to choose the information that you deem most useful, concerning the former leader of the Thunder…

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