In the midst of a crisis, he announced that Longoria had been abandoned at OM

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The start of the week was very hot at OM. After a stormy meeting between certain groups of supporters and the Marseille management, Marcelino decided to leave his position as coach. Pablo Longoria, long announced as leaving, has finally decided to remain as president. But Jérôme Rothen regrets that the Spanish leader was not more supported, in particular by Jean-Pierre Papin and Basile Boli.

Threatened by certain supporters of theABOUT, Pablo Longoria had stepped back from his duties as president of the Marseille club before announcing that he was finally deciding to stay. A subsequent reversal which would be due to the support of other fans of theABOUTbut also players and Frank McCourt. However, Jerome Rothen regrets that Basil Boli et Jean-Pierre Papin did not support Pablo Longoria.

Rothen attacks Boli and Papin

« Where are we, what world do we live in? When you make the decision to join the club’s organization chart, whatever the position, there is someone who put you there. Papin, everyone had forgotten him in Marseille in recent years. The only one who managed to bring him back was Pablo Longoria. He is an advisor to the president. He did not attend the meeting on Monday, which had been planned for many weeks. If there is anyone who can act as a buffer between the groups of supporters and Longoria, it is him with his knowledge of the club. He arrives at the airport on Wednesday with his suitcase all smiles, we have the impression that he is satisfied with having gained weight in the organization chart », assures the former player of the PSG at the microphone of RMC before continuing.

“We are still waiting for them to take a position”

« I don’t understand, he should have been the first to draw to defend Longoria. It’s more than a role, he accepts the Spaniard’s policies. What is stopping him from taking a stand? He’s a coward and he has nothing to do in Marseille and in a professional club. Eric Di Meco is not in the organization chart and he takes a position for Longoria. Basile Boli, the role of ambassador means more or less nothing and we don’t hear it, he doesn’t want to get involved and alienate the supporters’ representatives. This club will never move forward with veterans like that and yet I am the first to campaign to put competent veterans back in certain positions. They represent the soul and the heart of the club, we still expect them to take a stand », added Jerome Rothen.

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