It’s a crisis at OM, he names the culprit

Since the meeting between the representatives of the supporter groups and the management which took place Monday evening, there has been a crisis at OM. In addition to Marcelino, Pablo Longoria could also leave the club soon. For Christophe Dugarry, the Marseille president put himself in this situation alone.

Since becoming president of theABOUT in February 2021, Pablo Longoria regularly organizes meetings between representatives of supporter groups and management. Which happened once again on Monday evening, in a context where the performances of the Olympians are worrying and Marcelino raises doubts. Except that this time, this meeting took a completely different turn and the supporters present demanded the departures of Pablo Longoria and the rest of the management of theABOUT.

“Longoria, from the moment you have a meeting like that, what did you expect?”

Undefeated in five days played since the start of the season, theABOUT is therefore already in crisis. According to Christophe Dugarry, Pablo Longoria should have expected it. “ We have known for years that supporters have too much power in France. Leaders are still surprised by this. But Longoria, from the moment you have a meeting like that, what did you expect? “, he declared, in Rothen s’enflamme on RMC. « You know that pressure attacks are going to exist. I strongly condemn them, I find it shameful. But it’s obvious that there will be pressure. Unfortunately, this is the role that the supporters have given themselves. We don’t sanction them, we let them do what they want and when they want. »

“The structure of our clubs makes me laugh”

Pour Christophe Dugarrythis episode also gives a bad image of French football, particularly after the events that occurred in PSG et al’OL recently : ” Imagine the image that you send back to the world of football on our three so-called strongest clubs (PSG, OM, OL), which have no structural strength, no strength on the part of their leaders… You have the impression that it can be shattered with each statement, with each bad attitude from a player or a manager. We see the limit of the strength of our clubs. (…) The structure of our clubs makes me laugh gently. »

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