“Jordan, Bird, Magic, they were playing at a time when they were all on crack! »

Par Joel Pütz | Sports journalist

In the eyes of many observers, the 80s saved the NBA, notably thanks to the rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird as well as the emergence of Michael Jordan. But a former player was merciless with this era recently…

Among the most glorious eras in the history of the big league, we can easily find the 80s. Apart from the current era, the game has never been as fast and spectacular as during this decade, marked among others by the Lakers Showtime version of Magic Johnson. And again, the leader of the Pourpres et Ors was not the only emblematic player, far from it.

At his side, we can notably cite his great rival Larry Bird as well as Michael Jordan. These three men represent a significant portion of the all-time Top 100 and it seems complicated to question this observation. But while he recently addressed the case of Kevin Durant on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, Gilbert Arenas was not afraid to bring out the bazooka to explain his way of thinking.

Gilbert Arenas destroys the NBA of the 80s

Shannon Sharpe : Does Kevin Durant need a title outside of the Warriors to enter the all-time Top 10?

Gilbert Arenas : Is Larry Bird in the Top 10?

Shannon Sharpe : Of course.

Gilbert Arenas : So he’s better than Larry Bird.

Shannon Sharpe : Larry won three consecutive regular season MVPs with three titles and two Finals MVPs to boot. He won them at a time when there was also Magic, Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar), Jordan. You told me Michael Jordan rode in the 80s, but I know a white guy who couldn’t go faster than a snail.

Gilbert Arenas : The 80s were full of drugs. I can easily leave a crack addict behind. All these guys were just doing as fast as they could and then going to get their next fix. I appreciate his greatness, but KD is a different kind of beast. For me, he is the second best winger in history.

It’s hard to be more scathing from the former Wizard, who didn’t hesitate to hit the old generation. An outing which did not please many people:

Gilbert really has limited knowledge of NBA history, it was the drug-ruled 70’s not the mid 80’s. During the 80’s the league had so many talented players

Gilbert Arenas rarely hesitates to be very critical of the NBA of a few decades ago, like what old-school players do with the current generation. But this outing about Larry Bird and Kevin Durant is still particularly shocking.

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