Laure Boulleau gives the inside story of the CFC

While she will once again be one of the headliners of the Canal Champions Club, Laure Boulleau returned to her work as a consultant

The Champions League is back. This Tuesday marks the start of the group stage of the most prestigious European competition, including the clash between PSG and Borussia Dortmund. A poster that Canal+, the main broadcaster of the competition, will broadcast.

The Group F clash between the French champions and the Ruhr club will be framed by the traditional Canal Champions Club with in particular the Hervé Mathoux-Laure Boulleau duo at the helm. The former PSG fullback spoke to Eurosport about her role alongside the emblematic CFC presenter.

“It may seem easy like that, but a Champions League evening, professionally, is not simple, because we are live etc. So I know that I have to be at 400% of my potential”she first explained, adding: “In general when I prepare the show, I do a 15-minute meeting with Hervé to tell him what themes I have worked on, in any case my orientations, and I say to him “if at any point you feel it, I rather have this vision.” But then there also needs to be an element of authenticity in a show so we don’t know how everything is going to happen in advance…”

I think I’ve progressed pretty well

“Sometimes we need long arguments and sometimes, on the contrary, we need what we call a “smash volley” between Hervé and me, namely very quick little repartee, she continued. Often, we tend to think that the more we say, the better, but I also think that it’s the changes of pace that make a show successful. »

Laure Boulleau also spoke about her evolution after five seasons on the CFC board. “I’m happy because I think I’ve progressed pretty well. I know that if we compare my first shows to those of today, there is just no comparison possible, which is normal. I am also satisfied to have opened myself up to other things, to documentaries, to mini-documentaries with “24h de Boulleau”, I am trying to experience everything that this profession can offer me, she explained. This is also why high-level sport is an exceptional school of life, because it prepares you for other professions. And TV forces us to constantly question ourselves. When I was a player, I was more hardworking than super talented. So I already had this habit of working a lot to obtain results. For now I’m getting some, but I feel like I still have some under my belt. »

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