Le Havre (3-0): Dumornay animated the static Lyon game

Melchie Dumornay, new OL player

Melchie Dumornay, (credit: David Hernandez)

Scorer and having caused a penalty for OL, Melchie Dumornay confirmed that she was gradually returning to her level. The Haitian brought life in the center to a too monotonous Lyon game. Find the best and the flop of the editorial team.

Back for a few matches already, Melchie Dumornay was content above all with a luxury joker role. This had worked out quite well for him since his two starts against Benfica coincided with a much more attractive face of OL in the Champions League. In Lindsey’s absence Horan this Sunday and in order to be rewarded for her remarkable entries, Sonia Bompastor chose to line up the Haitian from the start in the Lyon midfield and not in attack as was the case on Wednesday against Benfica.

Alongside the metronome Damaris and the worker Däbritz, Dumornay has a hybrid profile which allows him to scratch balls while being technically valuable. Close to Eugénie Laugh Summer, the former Rémoise took advantage of a change in number 9 to make the break just before the break. Capable of carrying the ball and hitting with it, she brought life into Lyon’s game. Exiting on the hour mark so as not to pull too hard on the machine, Dumornay had succeeded just before in causing a penalty converted by Däbritz.

To play a match, you need two teams and this Sunday, the strategy used by Le Havre did not necessarily help OL to deploy a perfectly oiled game. With a five-man defense and a very low block, the Normandy team aimed to keep the 0-0 as long as possible. Audrey’s refereeing error Gerbel in the 33rd minute shattered this game plan and allowed OL to breathe a little easier.

Because aside from that, the first half hour had clearly resembled a handball match, minus the many goals. With Wendie Renard, Fenottes found a player capable of turning the game around with a crossbar, but Lyon’s game was clearly sterile. Going left to right and right to left, the ball almost never arrived for a striking position for 30 minutes. Before the goal awarded which should not have and which changed a lot of things and offered victory on a platter (3-0).

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