LIVE. Stopover in Sète 2024: follow the departure parade of the tall ships

Stopover in Sète 2024 ends this Monday, April 1 with, from 3 p.m., the grand departure parade of the sailboats which will leave the port before following the coast towards the Corniche then setting sail.

17h25: The fleet begins to disperse. Some of them will return to Sète.

16h50 : The boats pass in front of the theater of the sea

The Nao Victoria and El Galon pass in front of the Theater of the Sea

16h30 : the sailboats are gradually heading towards the Théâtre de la Mer and the Corniche district.

The Belem unfurls its sails.
La Belle Poule heads towards the theater of the sea.
El Galeon and the Nao Victoria off the coast of Sète.

16h20 : the sailboats are now grouping together to pass in front of Sète.

The sailboats will pass grouped in front of the singular island.

16h15 : the last sailboats having left the docks, everything will now take place offshore (here La Grace).

The Grace, the pirate ship is leaving the port.
A magnificent spectacle.

16 h : the movements are on the auction side with the Pandora, the schooner Aran as well as the frigate Shtandart.

Pandora’s turn, the Italian review
The schooner Aran is also leaving.
The Shtandart has set sail for the open sea.
The Shtandart was quick to hoist the sails.

15h40 : Belem’s turn to cast off

The prestigious Belem will go to Greece to collect the Olympic flame.
The sublime stern of the Belem and its balcony.

The Belem left the port with honors.

15h20 : The Santa Maria Manuela is maneuvering to leave the Algiers quay.

The Santa Maria Manuela is being maneuvered.

All the quays of Sète are crowded with people, like Quai Samary here.

The crowd fills the quays of Sète.

Point at 3 p.m.:

The second wave of release is announced between 3:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. with the Santa Maria Manuela then the Belem. Then the Aran (4:05 p.m.), the Pandora (4:10 p.m.), the Stella Polare (4:15 p.m.), La Grace (4:20 p.m.) and the Shtandart (4:25 p.m.) will leave the docks.

From 2pm, the first boats began to position themselves for the big Escale à Sète parade in front of the town. It was the Morgenster which was the first to cast off.

It was followed a few moments later by the carrack Nao Victoria, the replica of Magellan’s boat.

The Nao leaving the first pass of the port

The Nao Victoria in the pass

Then the schooner Pascual Flores also left the Morocco quay.

The Pascual Flores has left the Morocco quay.
Pascual Flores in the pass.

Finally, the military ship Capricorne also cast off from the Algiers quay.

The warship sets sail for the open sea
The minehunter has just left the quay of Algiers

Finally, the schooner Belle Poule also left to position itself offshore.

La Belle Poule is also on the way

It’s the Galeon’s turn to leave the port of Sète.

The magnificent El Galeon at work.

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