Lodi left his football in Brazil?

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OM got eaten up and lost heavily against PSG at the end of the 6th day of Ligue 1. A heavy 4-0 defeat which ends a very complicated week both on and off the field. Here is Renan Lodi’s rating and appreciation during this match.

After an unsuccessful match but a more positive attitude on Thursday against a weak Ajax, the Marseille were to confirm this desire against PSG on Sunday. It was an apathetic team without character that showed up at the Park suffering a heavy defeat and scoring goals very quickly. Unable to react apart from a header from Vitinha at the top of Donnarumma’s crossbar, the men of Abandoned Pancho only suffered the rhythm of the Parisians who walked around. Seen the calendar to come, players will quickly have to show another face…

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Renan Lodi’s rating: 2/10

His appreciation

Lodi left his football in Brazil?
Performing well before leaving for the selection, the Brazilian full-back seems overwhelmed since his return. He had already been less seen against TFC, he was mediocre against Ajax and he sank against PSG. He just stood back and let his opponents play. He didn’t exist offensively. He will have to regain aggressiveness and be less passive.

Media notes

Rating of The team 3/10 He was less tortured than his right counterpart, Clauss, in the first period when he also had a hell of a client in marking (Dembélé). But the Brazilian ended up breaking down, unable to follow the races and stunned by the opposing calls: he also took too long to intervene on Dembélé, the decisive passer on the third goal conceded (47th).
Rating of Maxifoot 1/10 A catastrophic match from start to finish for the Brazilian left back. He spent his time retreating against Hakimi and Dembélé who didn’t let him breathe for a single second. Offensively, the former Atletico Madrid player contributed nothing. Terrible…
Rating of FootMercato 3/10 In a 5-man defense, the former Colchoneros defender started at left back. Faced with Hakimi, author of an XXL performance, as well as Dembélé, the task was almost unplayable for the Brazilian. Indeed, he experienced enormous difficulty in containing the attacks of the two Parisians. On the third Parisian goal after returning from the locker room, he was completely overtaken by Dembélé. In a piston role in the offensive phase, his performance did not have the expected effect as he had few balls to negotiate. A very complicated evening for him…

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