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Par Guillaume K. | Sports journalist

Tony Parker is today a successful business leader and he didn’t wait until the end of his NBA career to learn the basics of business. He worked hard while he was still wearing the Spurs jersey, and he clearly cannot find his mentality in the new generation.

If he continues at this pace for a few more years, Tony Parker may be better known as a business leader than an NBA legend. It must be said that the Hall of Famer has not been idle since he retired from sports, on the contrary, he has a series of projects and investments, and he seems particularly happy in this new life.

ASVEL fans would undoubtedly like him to delegate a little, or to concentrate 200% on the club’s project in order to regain real competitiveness on the European scene, but President Parker is not slowing down the cadence. He was also involved with Olympique Lyonnais and other structures that he would not let go of until they reached the top in their sector.

Tony Parker cash on the younger generation

Although he has always had enormous ambition, he has also been able to count on the advice of certain great legends in his projects. During his final years in the NBA, he apparently had a memorable conversation with Magic Johnson about how to prepare for the future and build a network. Clearly he doesn’t see this mentality in the new generation.

Magic Johnson told me: “Tony, don’t wait until you retire, create a network while you’re working because now is when bosses want to spend time with you and share your emotions”. So when I was away for a game, instead of playing Fortnite, I would see business executives, to bond and learn.

At the end of his career, while the Fortnite madness took over the whole world, Tony Parker refused to play with his teammates at the Spurs or the Hornets. He preferred to use his free time and his travels to the four corners of the United States to take on business meetings and learn from the best. A method that has borne fruit.

While the benefits are clear with this meticulous preparation for retirement, there are also some drawbacks that come with it. For example, on several occasions, former teammates explained that Tony Parker had not been a good mentor for the new generation and that he was not necessarily into sharing and passing on things. We now understand why, he was already thinking about what happened next.

Tony Parker undoubtedly deplores the attitude of many current gamers, who prefer to play the console in their free time than prepare for the rest of their lives. Finally, not everyone feels the need to work with tens of millions in the bank.

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