Mercato – PSG: A new failure confirmed by the Italian press?

Paris Saint-Germain had a major summer transfer window, with the departures of Lionel Messi and Neymar which allowed Luis Campos to profoundly modify the squad. But the Portuguese also experienced some bitter failures and if according to our information this concerned three specific tracks, in Italy they assure that there was a fourth.

After a first failed transfer window by his own admission, Luis Campos was released this summer, notably completing the arrival of several international stars at the PSG. This was the case with Ousmane Dembélé, Lucas Hernandez or Manuel Ugarte.

Silva, Osimhen, Thuram…

But the results could have been better, since we revealed to you on that the PSG missed by three shots. The first is Bernard Silva of Manchester City, the second Victor Osimhen and the third is Marcus Thuram. The latter was free from any contract, but he finally decided to join Inter.

And the Scalvini?

The Italian media are talking about another Parisian failure, since an offer of €30 million was reportedly refused for Giorgio Scalvini. And this Monday, TMW confirms that theAtalanta would have effectively resisted the offensives of PSG in order to keep his young defender, considered one of the great promises of Italian football.

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