Mercato – PSG: Mbappé is already under pressure in Madrid!

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Under contract until next June with PSG, Kylian Mbappé has already confirmed his departure to Real Madrid for the summer of 2024. But some in Spain are more wary than ever of the behavior of the French striker, and a journalist even put pressure on him before his possible departure from PSG.

Kylian Mbappé and the PSG, it smells like the end! As announced The Parisian in recent days, the captain of theFrench team would have decided to leave the Parc des Princes at the end of his contract, at the end of the season, to sign up freely with the Real Madrid. It must be said that the Spanish team has been going out of its way for many years to sign Mbappéand the fear of seeing the star of PSG standing down, as was the case in 2022, is still very present…

“Already the most unbearable player in the history of Real Madrid”

The Spanish journalist Tomas Roncero was also released on the case Mbappé in the show The spar on the airwaves of the Chain Being, Tuesday evening : “ Whatever he does, he is already the most unbearable player in the history of Real Madrid. It’s so boring. He should admit that he was wrong to come. The debt he has with Real Madrid is almost impossible to pay, he must accept his mistake, and know that money is not the most important thing », blurts the journalist, who therefore sends a very cash message to the attacker of the PSG.

“If he continues…”

Roncero confirms the trend of a departure from Mbappé to the Real Madrid at the end of the season, but still displays a certain distrust towards the star of the PSG which is capable of extending at the last minute according to him: “ Everything suggests that he will come and not continue in Paris. If he continues, it’s really Machiavellian ». Ambiance…

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