Mercato: PSG’s perfect plan

Hungry for sport, he grew up to the sound of Formula 1 engines and the exploits of Ronaldinho. Today, with a Master’s degree in sports journalism, he no longer misses an F1 Grand Prix or a PSG match, his two passions and specialties.

Very active in the transfer window, PSG spent almost €350 million to rebuild its squad. And yet, the capital club is doing very well on an accounting level thanks to its sales for a total of around €200 million. The Parisian club’s strategy has more than paid off. Explanations.

This is what we call a well-run transfer window. This summer, the PSG turned his squad upside down. In total, the capital club will have completed the arrival of 12 players as well as 17 permanent departures and 7 loans. And all this comes at a cost. Thus, the PSG spent nearly €350 million to strengthen its workforce. And yet, on an economic level, this transfer window is a success.

PSG’s profitable strategy

And for good reason, as pointed out The Parisianthe PSG showed himself to be clever on certain files, such as the signature of Gonçalo Ramos. The Portuguese striker arrived in the form of a loan with an almost obligatory purchase option, which postpones the payment of his transfer for a season in the club’s accounts. The same applies to Manuel Ugarte. Although it arrived in the form of a dry transfer of €60 million, the Sporting CP agreed to postpone the payment of the transfer compensation by one season which will therefore be recorded in 2024. And above all, the PSG sold very well this summer, for almost €200 million in total. And as explained Pierre Rondeausports economist and co-director of the Sports Observatory of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, this largely allows us to balance the books.

“All these sales are recorded cash in the club’s accounts for this year”

« All these sales are recorded cash in the club’s accounts for this year. However, on the purchasing side, even if PSG has spent enormously, it has the right to amortize the price of all these transfers over the duration of each player’s contract. For example, as Dembélé signed for 5 years for €50M, the club can enter €10M of expenses in its accounts over the next five years. », he says for The Parisian. Therefore, on an economic level, the PSG transfer window is very successful.

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