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Damian Lillard broke his silence this week to discuss many topics, including his possible departure from the Blazers in the near future. He also spoke about several franchises including the Warriors. The opportunity for him to slip a tackle for Kevin Durant for free.


While he is still waiting for his trade, Damian Lillard decided to speak publicly before the season resumes. He still hopes to leave the Blazers to join the Heat, even if the negotiations are very difficult to date. It must be said that Miami is the only team to send a real offer since Dame refuses the other suitors, not wishing to join just anyone. Even if he wants to win the title, he is not ready to do anything for it.

Damian Lillard lashes out at Kevin Durant’s decision

No, Dame doesn’t want to sign with any team in the future. It’s important for him to fight to earn his ring, which means he’s absolutely against a trade to the Warriors, for example. He also took the opportunity to slip a tackle against Kevin Durant and its 2016 decision, which caused so much debate. The current Suns star will appreciate it.



Damian Lillard disagrees with Kevin Durant’s decision to join Golden State

“I’ve said it many times before. I think KD is one of the greatest players in history. But if I were in his place, personally I wouldn’t have done that. »

He is not the only one to think this way, even if returning to this episode must especially annoy Durant. Remember, however, that the person concerned accepts his decision to join the Dubs, although Lillard is totally against it. The franchise is warned if it possibly dreamed of a signing for Dame.

An attitude that pleases the supporters, who appreciate the fact that Lillard does not want to make it easy to win his first title. Even if it means missing out when it’s time to retire.

This is why I respect Lady ??

Unlike Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard refuses to join the Warriors or another NBA stronghold. There’s no question of him making his job easier to win his ring. We are still curious to have the Slim Reaper’s answer.


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