Monaco – OL (0-1): a Hollywood scenario

Pierre Sage in OL training

Pierre Sage in OL training (credit: David Hernandez)

In a suspenseful meeting at Louis II, Pierre Sage expressed a mixture of realism and gratitude towards his players after an unexpected victory.

Peter’s men Sage achieved a real tour de force, achieving a second consecutive victory (0-1) and temporarily leaving last place in the ranking. A saving goal of Jeffinho in the 85th minute not only propelled the team out of the red zone but also instilled new hope.

Asked about this unlikely scenario, Pierre Sage responded with a touch of humor and a lot of realism: did you foresee such a scenario? ” No, because otherwise I think we could have sold the rights to Hollywood, but hey, above all what was very good in our match was that we had a good first half, I think, which was in line with what we had prepared. Conversely, the start of the 2nd half was very difficult, we really gave up the ball, we couldn’t get out of our 30 meters. But in any case, the players showed value, Anthony Lopes made extraordinary saves too.”

The Lyon technician adds: “fresh players came in and took advantage of a situation from their first ball to reward the whole team. So, I’m very happy that it’s these players who score, since in fact the sign is very strong for the team. They come to give value to the efforts made by the partners and it is more in this sense that interests me, since it rallies as many players as possible to the collective cause.“. This declaration of Sage underlines not only the new face of a more combative OL but also its pragmatic approach to the difficulties encountered.

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