NBA – All-Star Game: Victor Wembanyama makes a big announcement

Passionately passionate about basketball, he left to live in San Antonio to follow Victor Wembanyama’s Spurs after a diploma at the IEJ, his gaze constantly fixed on the NBA, both on the field and on the statistics and contracts.

Victor Wembanyama didn’t fare as far as he hoped during the Rising Stars tournament, an All-Star weekend event that highlights the NBA’s most promising players. However, the San Antonio Spurs rookie is already promising some nice surprises for the next editions.

Following his defeat during the Rising Stars tournament, Victor Wembanyama is already considering future editions of the NBA All-Star Game. At the heart of a trying weekend, the rookie of the San Antonio Spurs suggested he could compete in some of the event’s most iconic contests in the future.

Victor Wembanyama’s “To-Do List”

Of course, Victor Wembanyama would have preferred to participate in the main event of the weekend, the All-Star Game. This could happen as early as next year, and the athlete could even make the show complete. During a press conference this Friday, the Frenchman was asked about possible participation in the three-point contest and the Slam Dunk Contest in the future. “Yes, it’s definitely on the bucket list.”he replied.

A first contrasting experience

This year, his team did not reach the finals of the Rising Stars tournament, which highlights the greatest talents in the NBA. The French collective, composed of Victor Wembanyama and Bilal Coulibalywas defeated by the G League Players team with a score of 41-36, despite the Spurs star’s 11 points. “I hate losing”said The animal to Tom Orsborn of San Antonio Express News. “But it was a fun match against these guys who are very promising. »

A grueling journey for the rookie

THE Spurs had a tough run of matches, and Victor Wembanyama was unable to rest during the All-Star Break. He still has to take part in the Skills Challenge on Saturday, before returning to get some rest. “I was tired before it even started”confessed The animal at theExpress News. “I can’t wait for it to be over because I need these few days off to get back in shape during the season. »

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