NBA: “Defender of the year, without a doubt”, Rudy Gobert silences Russell Westbrook

This Sunday evening, Los Angeles Clippers and Minnesota Timberwolves faced each other in a clash at the top of the Western Conference. During the meeting, Rudy Gobert, inside of the “Wolves”, missed a few attempts in front of the basket, receiving mockery from the Californian bench, in particular from Russell Westbrook. In the end, “The Brodie” received a nice backlash since it was the Timberwolves who won 109-105, notably thanks to the French pivot.

In a viral video published on social networks, we see Russell Westbrook ask a fan to give him the play-by-play of Rudy Gobert, after he completely missed his first free throw attempt. The Clippers leader burst out laughing when the Frenchman made a air-ball on his second attempt. Mocked by The Brodie due to this 0/2 on the free throw line and a 3/10 during the first 47 minutes, Rudy Gobert finally scored his 4 attempts in the last minute to help his team win against the Los Angeles Clippers. And as if that wasn’t enough, Westbrook also missed a layup opened in the last seconds for the Clippers.

Another big performance for Gobert

« It feels good to see the ball cross the net. I was unhappy to have missed the ones that were easy at the start of the meeting. I just have to trust, take my time and put them on. You have to keep the same routine. The worst thing you can do is think. I shoot them in training every day, I wear them every day. You just have to shoot. ” asserted Gobert after the meeting. The pivot signed another great performance, author of 15 points, 18 rebounds and four blocks. He also limited James Harden at 4/14 on shots and Paul George at 5/19.

Ant-Man Praises Rudy Gobert

For his teammate Anthony Edwardsthere is no doubt, Gobert must be elected defender of the year at the end of the season: “ For starters, Rudy plays amazing. Tonight he was excellent once again, protected the rim, got us into the bonus quickly, he made his shots, grabbed all the rebounds and made sure they didn’t end up in the rim. He was excellent tonight. He was coming out, blocking mid-range shots, that kind of thing. Defender of the year, without a doubt ».

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