NBA: Jordan, LeBron… Tony Parker sets the record straight about Wembanyama

Highly anticipated in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama will have to manage the pressure as best as possible for his debut in the Great League, starting October 25. Spurs legend and former Blues leader Tony Parker believes that the expectations surrounding the phenomenon are “unreal” and that comparisons can only serve him in his quest for expansion. Questioned by Booska P, TP did not mince his words on this subject.

If he didn’t explicitly say so, Victor Wembanyama made it clear. THE San Antonio Spurs should not play leading roles this season in the NBA. Indeed, Wemby recently admitted to aiming to qualify for the playoffs for 2024. A difficult goal but not unachievable. And to achieve his goals, he is very well supported, both by the legendary Gregg Popovich within the Texan franchise, but also by several former glories of Spurs dont Tony Parker. The recent Hall of Famer was also very complimentary of his successor in the French team.

Parker eager to see Wembanyama speak on the NBA floor

« Victor is determined. We have very similar values. Then in his way of seeing things and this mental strength that he has, I recognize a lot of myself in him. ” asserted Tony Parker during an interview with urban media P position. « I’m very happy for him, I know he wanted to go to San Antonio, he wanted to play for the Spurs, and destiny did it right. Now I can’t wait to see him start and see how he does because the expectations are unreal. » However, TP issues some remonstrances towards those who use and abuse senseless comparisons.

Parker calms things down

« There are comparisons with Jordan, LeBron. But he will be Victor, he must not try to be someone he is not, but he will be Victor anyway. He is already unique because of his skills, how he plays, the size he is. There are no players like that, so I can’t wait to see how that translates now in the NBA. I saw him at the start of the summer, he came to eat, and last week at the Spurs gym. He asks me a lot of questions but he’s a guy who knows what he wants. » Well placed to talk about Wemby since he was its president on the side ofASVEL, TP reminds us once again that we have never seen someone like him before and does not hesitate to highlight the excessive expectations. So let Victor quietly chart his own course.

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