NBA: Stephen Curry’s funny revelation about his shoe size

Needless to say, Stephen Curry’s current footwear needs are completely met, considering he has his own sub-brand with Under Armour. But this has not always been the case for the leader of the Golden State Warriors, who has played for a long time with sneakers much too big for him, even in the NBA.

Since his title won in 2022 and his first Finals MVP trophy, Stephen Curry has clearly carved out a place for itself alongside Magic Johnson for the title of greatest point guard of all time. But to get there, the one we call leader had to work hard. His success was far from being written during his younger years due to his unattractive physique. Additionally, he was not helped by the fairly recurring injuries at the time. Injuries that are potentially shoe-related Curry wore.

Two sizes too big

In the last episode of Complex’s Sneaker Shoppinganimator Joe La Puma interrogates Curry on his first memories of sneakers. The four-time league champion remembers the days when boxes of sneakers would show up on his doorstep for his father, the NBA’s elite sharpshooter Dell Curry. Stephen explains that he convinced himself that the sneakers fit him well, even though Dell was wearing a size larger, before later confirming that he was a size 47.

“My feet were just floating”

« During his career, my father played with 49s on his feet. When I was young I had big feet, and I convinced myself I was a size 49 too so I could borrow all his best pairs. I convinced myself it was good and then I got used to the feeling of floating in it. Until the end of my first NBA season, I always played with size 49 even though I’m size 47. Then one day I saw a photo of me attacking the basket, and all the way forward “My shoe was bent,” Curry continued. Since the beginning I have been a size 47 and I have since returned to this size. I didn’t really feel the effects on my game, my feet were just floating. I still managed a good career with pairs that were too big. »

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